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Events hosted by the Simple Church Alliance

An Introduction To Simple Church – May 7

What is simple church?  What do simple church meetings look like?  How are children involved?  Is it fun?  What are the challenges?  How is simple church different from “small groups” at other churches?  Is simple church really simple?  What would it look like for me to be involved in a simple church?  How do you start a new simple church?  What’s the catch?  Are we really allowed to do this?   For several years now, a growing number of people have found life with Jesus outside the walls of the traditional church.  As we have grown together, we have discovered some… Read More »An Introduction To Simple Church – May 7

48 Hours of Prayer – Good Friday to Easter

Simple Church friends and family, In response to some of the discussion about prayer over Facebook and during some simple church gatherings, Nate Smith (Third Street Simple Church) and I have put together a plan to coordinate 48 hours of continual prayer leading up to our Easter Celebration on April 20th. Beginning on Good Friday, April 18 at 4pm we are seeking to sign up individuals and groups to take one hour slots.  The 48 hours will end at 4pm Sunday,  just shy of the 5pm start time of our Easter Celebration.  Simply put, we want to devote this weekend… Read More »48 Hours of Prayer – Good Friday to Easter

Simple Church Easter Celebration – April 20th

Sunday, April 20th, we will celebrate Easter together! The Simple Church Alliance would like to invite everyone to join together for a potluck meal, fellowship and a time of reflecting on Easter through song and testimony.

April 9 Simple Church Training

Simple Church Alliance’s monthly training opportunity! Each month, we invite you to join a growing group of people leading simple churches as well as those preparing to lead simple church ministries for a time of fellowship, encouragement and training!  Each month we will discuss issues related to simple church ministry and offer an opportunity for you to share struggles, questions, and even victories from the journey.   This Month: Preparing for Easter On April 9, Join us as we prepare for Easter.  We will discuss the upcoming 24-hour prayer time between Good Friday and Easter as well as the Celebration… Read More »April 9 Simple Church Training

“Spring Fever!” Sunday March 2nd!

Do you have spring fever?  If so, join together with simple church friends and family across the network and beyond for a few hours of games, crafts, snacks, and fun!  You don’t need to bring anything but your energy.  Who knows exactly what we will get into?  Basketball? Kickball? Dodge-ball? Volleyball? Board games?  We will have the gym and dinning room reserved at First Alliance (2201 Old Higbee Mill Road, Lexington, KY) for all of us to come together and burn off some energy and fellowship with one another!  Hope you can come and bring a friend!  If possible, please… Read More »“Spring Fever!” Sunday March 2nd!

We invite you to come together with folks from various simple/organic/house church communities from the region to celebrate Christ’s birth! On December 8th, we will enjoy a special potluck dinner together and a time of singing Christmas songs.  We also would like to invite your simple church to consider sharing a creative presentation with everyone.  This could be led by your entire group or one person in your simple church, and it could be song, poem, skit, or any artistic presentation of your choosing related to Christmas!  In addition, if you would like to take part in baby dedications, we… Read More »

“House Worship” Opportunities (Guest Blog)

House Worship Opportunities – A Guest Blog by Dana and Diego Vogel Hi family! I know we haven’t met very many of you yet, but my husband and I (Diego and Dana) would love to throw out an idea for you all. One thing we both really have hearts for is worship through music and prayer. We usually incorporate this into our own simple church gatherings, but we also have a desire to share an extended time with everyone dedicated to just prayer and worship. We’ve done this several times before with some of you, and it’s always so GOOD… Read More »“House Worship” Opportunities (Guest Blog)

My Hope America With Billy Graham (Update)

UPDATE: Hello folks!  Below is information about how you can order (for free) the DVD with Billy Graham’s new recorded message he has done for the “My Hope” nationwide outreach this November that he is heading up.  Clicking the link will also take you to the website to learn more about this opportunity which I think many in simple church will find to be a natural, relational, and intentional way to go about sharing the Gospel with our friends and neighbors.  Note there are several other gospel presentation videos available online that you could show at your “Mathew Party” that… Read More »My Hope America With Billy Graham (Update)

Summer Celebration – This Saturday!

Simple Church Celebration This SATURDAY Hey folks! Just a quick reminder that this Saturday the Simple Church Alliance will host a “summer celebration” gathering! Saturday, June 22 Bluegrass Christian Camp 7463 Athens Boonesboro Road 5pm- ??? We look forward to enjoying a relaxing and fun evening celebrating Jesus together with others involved in simple churches from around the region.  Here are a few reminders for our time together: FOOD It will be a potluck.  Simple Church Alliance will provide drinks, plates, napkins, and eating utensils.  Please coordinate with your simple church food so that there is enough entrée’s, side items,… Read More »Summer Celebration – This Saturday!

Women need other women!  Around here we don’t gather at communal water wells or shared clothes lines.  So, we’re creating space.  We’re making time for being together in the form of a retreat.  We need it and it will be good.  Sue Clark has invited Simple Church ladies and their friends for a day at her farm.  Lunch will be provided.  We will start at 10Am and end by 5pm.  Teaching, singing, small group prayer, communion and an extended personal reflection time are all scheduled.  Please email Karla Duerson ( to make your reservation and receive your retreat e-packet with… Read More »