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UPDATE: Special Opportunity Tomorrow In Lexington

Hello friends I wanted to shoot out this email to let you know about a last-minute confirmation that Curtis Sergeant will join us tomorrow night at First Southern National Bank for a special simple church training opportunity. Curtis lived as a missionary in China for over 10 years where he saw over hundreds of thousands come to Christ and thousands of simple/house churches birthed. He has served in many capacities over the years helping to encourage and train others to see disciples and churches multiplied. Curtis now lives in Alabama and will be in town for the International Conference on… Read More »UPDATE: Special Opportunity Tomorrow In Lexington

2016 Simple Church Conference / Sept 10-11

  2016 Simple Church Conference Prayer for multiplication.  In our fifth year of hosting this conference, we want to have a prayer focus–specifically praying for multiplication of disciples.  One of the characteristics of church planting movements across this globe is “abundant prayer.”  This year we will discuss the essential role of prayer in simple church and disciple making ministry and we will also spend time… you guessed it…  praying!  Together we hope to hear from the Lord in prayer about our relationship with Him and our  role in making disciples of all the nations–beginning with our neighbors.  Certainly we could spend a… Read More »2016 Simple Church Conference / Sept 10-11

April 20 – “Experience” Training

This past week, I attended the Christian and Missionary Alliance district conference and had the privilege of sitting in on a workshop with Jeremy Spainhour who is a great friend and staff member at FAC Lexington.  I was so encouraged by his message and its direct application to simple church that I invited him to come and spend some time with us this month.  I hope you can join us as i think this time together has the potential to leave a huge ripple across your circle of influence! How will coming to this training make a difference you ask? I don’t… Read More »April 20 – “Experience” Training

Special “Experience” Training – Wed 17th

How can we share the truth of the Bible with a culture that increasingly cannot read proficiently or simply does not prefer to read as a means of learning?  This month, come experience how simple church leaders can tackle this growing challenge as we welcome Butch Vernon from Simply The Story. Butch will offer a brief experiential training on storytelling and show how we can also communicate accurate Biblical narratives in an engaging and discussion-oriented way!  This will be an excellent and thought provoking time for any believer–especially those of you interested in leading simple churches.  Learn more about Simply The Story here:    Simple Church “Experience”… Read More »Special “Experience” Training – Wed 17th

Simple Church “Hangout” Changes

  Friends, After some prayer and discussion with several of you, I want to introduce a slight adjustment to the format of our monthly simple church Google Hangouts. The original intent for hosting the hangouts was to allow those of you who are a part of simple church outside of Central Kentucky to have a means for connecting with other simple churches. We continue to find that staying personally connected to others involved in simple church is an important aspect of helping one another be encouraged and focused. The Google Hangout, I believe has the potential to help those geographically… Read More »Simple Church “Hangout” Changes

January 20 Leadership Gathering

January Simple Church Leadership Gathering. As we begin a new year, I would like to encourage all simple church leaders and those hoping to lead simple church this year to come together for “kick off” of sorts for 2016. We enjoy a dinner together and take time to re-focus our hearts on the vision God has given us, “Multiplying disciples and ultimately simple churches to the ends of the earth.” Please pray about and come ready to share briefly with others how you sense God leading you to live out our vision in 2016. Some questions to consider as you… Read More »January 20 Leadership Gathering

A Good Video Explaining Simple Church

There are a lot videos floating around that aid in explaining simple church and house church ideas.  We’ve gathered several here on this website. This particular video pulls from a few of my favorites.  I also like the presenters thought about how simple churches can multiply… be in two simple churches at the same time! I’m interested in your thoughts on this idea. In some ways I think that the first “community” someone would be involved in could be something like a “Life Transformation Group” or a smaller disciple-making relationship of two or three. Nonetheless, I think he does a… Read More »A Good Video Explaining Simple Church

A Round Table Discussion – Aug 29

This year’s simple church conference (August 29-30) with Tony and Felicity Dale will kick off Saturday morning with a special  community-wide roundtable discussion/continental breakfast on gender hierarchy in the Church.  This, and other related topics are discussed in Felicity Dale’s new book The Black Swan Effect.  We feel that sorting through this issue is not only critical to those involved with the simple/organic church movement, but also for the entire body of Christ.  We hope that you (both men and women) will consider joining us for this very important discussion.  Find out more about this fascinating topic, Felicity book (sample… Read More »A Round Table Discussion – Aug 29

Simple Church Experience – Prayer Walking (May 20)

Each month, we are hosting an opportunity for you to join others interested in making disciples for an experiential training experience.  At the heart of simple church is idea that each believer can engage in the Great Commission.  Rather than coming to gather information only, we hope to put into practice the activities that disciple makers do… learning by doing! Our May “Experience” will take place on Wednesday, May 20th at the Berry Hill Park, In Lexington, KY.  Pizza will be provided and children are welcome to come as well.  We will have pizza together, briefly explain prayer walking, then… Read More »Simple Church Experience – Prayer Walking (May 20)