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Finding Church

A Conversation With Wayne and Sara Jacobsen – June 1 (ALMOST FULL)

NOTE:  ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT! On Saturday, June 1st we will host a conversation with Wayne and Sara Jacobsen here in Lexington, KY from 10am to 4pm.  Our conversation will address many of the topics in Wayne’s writings including the books Finding Church and He Loves Me. Over the past several years, I have handed out more copies of Wayne’s book Finding Church than any other as I have sought to encourage others to see the New Testament church in a simpler light.  What is more, Wayne has really helped me understand the vital connection between understanding the nature of… Read More »A Conversation With Wayne and Sara Jacobsen – June 1 (ALMOST FULL)

“Going To Church” By Dana Vogel

We all know it’s important to meet together often as believers for our mutual encouragement. This is true and good. What’s not necessarily true and good, is that many of us equate this with Sunday worship service.

“Finding Church” Book Discussion April 22

“Finding church” is challenging anytime, but with the COVID-19 quarantine, perhaps our need to re-think “church” has never been more clear? Join us in reading and having a conversation around the many important issues Wayne Jacobsen addresses in this book. Online Meeting – April 22nd at 7:30 PM EST.