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Vision & Values

The Simple Church Alliance is a voluntary association, or “alliance,” of simple churches originating in Central Kentucky in 2010. 

A desire for simplicity, to be the Church through its most essential elements so that the Body of Christ can easily reproduce defines our core.  Thus, we seek not to plant churches, but to make disciples, trusting that God will organically grow His church as we go. As a voluntary association of individuals and faith communities, We are only bound together through friendship and a shared vision for what it means to be apart of God’s family.

What Is Simple Church?

Core Values


The church is the family of believers who are “called out” to be the physical representation of Christ to the world. It’s not a building or a service.


God’s people and His Church naturally multiply through loving relationships.  We strive for churches to be as simple as possible so that new churches can easily start and reproduce.


All believers are “priests” and thus ministers with different gifts for serving God’s people. Jesus Christ is the head of the Church, not man


The Great Commission (making disciples of all the nations) fullfilled by the church as Jesus’ followers live out the New Commandment he gave: “As I have loved you, so love one another” (John 13:34)


The Bible reveals to us the character and nature of God. It is instructive and authoritative on all matters of life.


To see disciples of Jesus and ultimately simple churches multiply throughout Central Kentucky and extending to the ends of the earth

We believe this is God’s heart and we desire to help encourage and promote this vision by encouraging and equipping others to

  1. Express Christ daily through Christ centered friendship
  2. Connect with Christ and His family weekly in simple church communities
  3. Celebrate Christ with extended family through this website, and periodic network gatherings.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.



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