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Do We Need More Churches In Central Kentucky?

I just came across some interesting statistics produced by the Glenmary Report in 2000 concerning church and religious involvement in Kentucky and Fayette County.

* 10% of people in Fayette County attend church on any given Sunday

* 47.3% of people in Fayette County “adhere to a religion.”

* 27.4% of people in Fayette County are “members of a religious group.”

As you might expect, these numbers are slightly lower than the state average (12.8%, 58%, and 33% respectively).  Click here to see the report and the results for all counties in Kentucky.  So what do you think?  Do we need more churches?  Yes…that is a trick question.  Think it through before you respond below! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Do We Need More Churches In Central Kentucky?”

  1. Hi Gavin! Great question – and it is tricky. What I feel we need are, 1. Currently existing churches need to become about the “Main Thing” – leading people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and teaching how to follow Him. Not being known for what they’re against. Be a place of acceptance, redemption, giving an accurate picture of who Jesus really is. Be a place where current believers WANT to invite their friends and loved ones. Any Christian Church should be an irresistible community where Acts 2 is happening and non-believers want in. And it isn’t about what music you play, etc – it’s about the people. 2. If and because current churches can’t or won’t be about the “Main Thing” then new churches are needed, but only if they fit the description of #1 above.

    I invite you to check out I personally love being part of a church that is about the Main Thing and is seeing Acts 2 happen.

    Always love reading about what you’re up to…. Tracy

    1. Tracy, Thanks for you comments and link! It’s great to hear from you and to have you join in the discussion here. I’m glad to hear that you are a part church that you love. A couple of additional thoughts… I certainly think that new churches are needed where no churches exist that are focused on the “main thing.” I also believe that new churches are needed even when there exists an abundance of churches that ARE focused on the “main thing.” As local congregations see new disciples made, I think it’s a very natural and Biblical idea that new local churches give birth to new daughter churches in order to continue to provide the type of community we see in Acts. I also think that how we choose to define “church” if of consequence here and just one of the reasons that I suggested that my original question was a “tricky” one… Just my two cents worth. I hope your golf game is going well! 🙂

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