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What Is A Disciple And How Do We Make Them? (Part 2)

This past Sunday I took the opportunity when speaking at First Alliance Church and the Simple Church Fall Celebration to answer two crucial questions that any follower of Jesus would do well to answer. The questions, which I addressed previously here, are:  1)What is a Disciple? 2)How do we make disciples?

You can listen to the message entitled The Dirty D Word: D#$%@!&*%@! in your browser by  CLICKING HERE

You can download the message entitled The Dirty D Word: D#$%@!&*%@! in mp3 format by CLICKING HERE

In the message I define a disciple as someone who loves Jesus, hears Jesus, and follows Jesus.  I then explain how making disciples primarily about connecting others to Jesus and His family such that they can love Jesus, hear Jesus, and follow Jesus.  I share how Jesus, when he gave the Great Commission, did not ask his disciples to do something that He had not modeled for them.  Thus connecting others to Jesus can best be understood and accomplished by looking at how Jesus made disciples and imitating his plan.  While some of the specifics may vary, following The Way’s way will result in:

1. Calling people to Jesus (not ourselves)

2. Intentionally investing in others (with spouse if married!)

3. Emphasizing growing in obedience (over growing in knowledge)

4. Having a global vision but a  “few-focus” (Jesus had the 12 and the 3)

5. Relationships serving as our method (this may involve major changes for our calendar)

6. Providing On the Job Training (sending others out and offering feedback)

7. Inspiring (not merely holding others “accountable”)

You can listen to the entire message at the links above.  Below is the video of the Turtleman and I that I used to illustrate discipleship in my message.  Enjoy!

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