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“Church At The Place” Testimony

The following is a story from Kaleb and Kate’s most recent update. Their group started calling their simple church “Church At The Place.”  You can read the entire newsletter, hear about some amazing things God is up to, as well as know how to pray for and support their simple church’s outreach to local young adults and youth here.  You can also see videos of recent baptisms on Kaleb’s Facebook page here.  ————- JP is a young man who has come to our Wednesday night simple church several times over the past two years, but last month he showed up after being… Read More »“Church At The Place” Testimony

Baptisms and Such

God has been moving! The past six weeks have been some of the fullest, most rewarding, and most draining times of our lives and certainly of our ministry. Since the middle of September we have seen eight young people profess faith in Jesus as Savior and step into the waters of baptism. To put this in perspective, in the previous year we had baptized four people, all of which were amazing stories of redemption. During the past few weeks though, God has really been doing some cool stuff…..early church in the book of Acts type of stuff! Our gatherings have… Read More »Baptisms and Such