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Core Values

Get The Picture?

At a recent simple church training, we discussed the importance of clearly communicating the values and vision of simple church. We challenged the leaders from each simple church to visualize simple church alliance. Below are a few of the images. How would you visualize simple church multiplication?

Core Values Lived Out – The Kind Of Leader We Hope To Be

What does it look like for a simple church leader to live out the core values identified by the Simple Church Alliance?  Here are some thoughts (WARNING:  Think of the picture painted below as a picture of who God is calling us to be as leaders–not a picture of where we are now or where you need to be to start leading a simple church.  I’m not sure I know anyone who fits this description perfectly) Community – When a simple church leaders think of their “church family” they think of their simple church community.  They focus on a few… Read More »Core Values Lived Out – The Kind Of Leader We Hope To Be

Core Values

Here are the “core values” that were identified in the simple church network vision class.  Over the course of the next several weeks, we will work together fleshing out these values during morning gatherings at FAC (10:45 in Dinning Room).  Together we will examine how these Biblical values impact church authority, giving, ministry to children, worship, missions, communion, and numerous other practical concerns in a simple church network.  I’ve ordered everyone one of the chairs above so that we can strengthen our core muscles while we strengthen our core values. Community: The church is a local community of believers who… Read More »Core Values