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Core Values

Here are the “core values” that were identified in the simple church network vision class.  Over the course of the next several weeks, we will work together fleshing out these values during morning gatherings at FAC (10:45 in Dinning Room).  Together we will examine how these Biblical values impact church authority, giving, ministry to children, worship, missions, communion, and numerous other practical concerns in a simple church network.  I’ve ordered everyone one of the chairs above so that we can strengthen our core muscles while we strengthen our core values.

Community: The church is a local community of believers who are “called out” to be the physical representation of Christ to the world.  It’s not a building or a service.

Mission: The purpose of the church is to 1) love god and 2) love people (Great Commandment).  This results in discipleship (Great Commission).

Multiplication: We seek to multiply disciples of Jesus Christ, which in turn will necessitate the multiplication of local churches.

Priesthood of All Believers. All believers are “priests” and thus ministers with different gifts for serving God’s people.  Jesus Christ is the head of the Church, not man.

Biblical Truth: The Bible is authoritative and instructive on all matters of life.

As a Christian and Missionary Alliance work, we also seek to live out their values.  You can learn more about the C&MA here.

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