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Simply False: False Teaching In Simple Church

One of the most common questions I receive about simple church is,  “What happens if someone teaches something incorrect?”  It’s a good question with good news for an answer.  Simple church can allow for one of the most full-proof methods of discernment if we choose to use it. Often one or two people within Christian groups bear most of the responsibility to explain Scripture.  Usually these teachers/leaders remind hearers to compare the message with Scripture, but follow-up opportunities for questions, clarifications, or correction are rare especially if the message is given and received within the context of a large group. … Read More »Simply False: False Teaching In Simple Church

Core Values

Here are the “core values” that were identified in the simple church network vision class.  Over the course of the next several weeks, we will work together fleshing out these values during morning gatherings at FAC (10:45 in Dinning Room).  Together we will examine how these Biblical values impact church authority, giving, ministry to children, worship, missions, communion, and numerous other practical concerns in a simple church network.  I’ve ordered everyone one of the chairs above so that we can strengthen our core muscles while we strengthen our core values. Community: The church is a local community of believers who… Read More »Core Values