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exponential conference

“Exponential Conference” Day 3 Notes

Bible Study: Rick Warren “God doesn’t bless a program.  He blesses people.” (speaking about Christians attacking on another) “I can’t figure out my own motivation half the time so how could I possibly know yours.” “Don’t accuse and don’t ever defend yourself.” Billy Graham: “If you wrestle with a pig both will get muddy, but only one will like it.” “Leaders absorb the pain.  Wimps fight back and retaliate.” “The two most important words I can tell you for your ministry:  Study Jesus”   1 John 2:15-17 Bible says, “God so loved the world” and “don’t love the world.”  Which… Read More »“Exponential Conference” Day 3 Notes

“Exponential Conference” Day 2 Blog

  Main Session 2 (Neil Cole)  “Exponential growth starts small but builds to rapid momentum in time.” (Neil Cole) “Movements are most vulnerable in the beginning.  Why? The seduction of addition. 2. Corrupted DNA and 3. Leadership dependency issues” “We have to enter in and challenge the structures that are ungodly” Note: You can hear some of the lessons today shared this great video: 10 Easy Steps to Move from a Movement to a Monument (Rob Wagner) I really enjoyed much of what Rob had to share.  He talked about the “three lenses” that they are seeing the church… Read More »“Exponential Conference” Day 2 Blog

“Exponential Conference” Live Blog (Day 1)

Well sort of a live blog… I’m going to attempt to post insights I gather from the conference below. I’m not completely sure if this will work so hang with me. 11:24AM – heading out from hotel.  Looking forward to the day and all the the Lord is going to teach us.  Marylin Walker just arrived and we got our entire crew together now!  A couple of websites to take note of on the conference and on Exponential in general: 8:54PM – Well the whole “live blog” thing really didn’t work very well.  Couldn’t figure out how to… Read More »“Exponential Conference” Live Blog (Day 1)