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Getting Started

What Do We Do At A Simple Church Gathering (Video Part 2)

In this video Erik addresses the question of how a simple church can be formed and what the church does at a simple church gathering.   He has some very practical ideas and as you can see it is simple.  I love his last point about praying that God would show you pockets of people who are “culturally averse to the American way of doing church” and being available to see a seed church formed.

Our Year in Simple Church (part 3) – By Jeff Herron

This was really the first year we considered ourselves “doing” simple church, and it has been full of winnowing away, learning what really matters, and growing in love. We have been stretched in every way and are much better for it! As the year started, we were several months in to our decision to stop attending Sunday morning worship services at a local church. We felt called to be more directly involved in our local community, and had started attending this local church as part of that leading, but after only a few months we sensed the Lord had other… Read More »Our Year in Simple Church (part 3) – By Jeff Herron

An Encouragement From Pendleton, Co. KY

I recently received this email from Jeff Herron who along with his family are in the process of starting down the simple church path.  I’m continually encouraged by Kingdom Minded “legacy” church folks who see the value in house/simple church and want to encourage simple church multiplication.  May Jeff’s words encourage you and may we all join in praying for God to do a mighty work in the northern part of our state! Just wanted to pass along a quick update as an encouragement to you all. The senior pastor from the last “legacy church” (to use the Dale’s phrase)… Read More »An Encouragement From Pendleton, Co. KY