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Guest Blog

My Gripes About The House Church Movement (Guest Blog)

My pastor friend has the answers for the wrong complaints. He should listen to what is really wrong with the House Church movement. From people within it. From those road-testing the new models. Kicking the tires. He should listen to me. Because I have some gripes about the House church movement. I need to vent them. And he needs to hear them. Here they are:

Outside The Walls (By Nate Smith)

How can the world engage in a conversation about Jesus when I am always inside those comfortable walls?

The Holy Spirit has been moving in my heart about the need to start some sort of conversation in coffee shops and bars throughout the city. These are places people gather to strike up natural conversation. It is also a place where others go to be alone, people watch and listen in on others.

An Encouragement From Pendleton, Co. KY

I recently received this email from Jeff Herron who along with his family are in the process of starting down the simple church path.  I’m continually encouraged by Kingdom Minded “legacy” church folks who see the value in house/simple church and want to encourage simple church multiplication.  May Jeff’s words encourage you and may we all join in praying for God to do a mighty work in the northern part of our state! Just wanted to pass along a quick update as an encouragement to you all. The senior pastor from the last “legacy church” (to use the Dale’s phrase)… Read More »An Encouragement From Pendleton, Co. KY

Not to Abandon Community

By Nate Smith: It would be so much easier not to be in a simple church. It is simple because we meet in an apartment. It is not simple because it does not allow one another to stay where they are in their walk with Jesus….