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The Lords Supper – The Reason We Gather?

The meal is potluck, or as we jokingly say, “pot-providence.”  Everyone brings food to share with everyone else.  When the weather is nice, all the food is placed on a long folding table outside.  A chest full of ice sits beside the drink table.   Kids run wildly around.  They are having so much fun that they must be rounded up by parents and encouraged to eat.  After a prayer of thanksgiving is offered, people line up, talking and laughing as they load their plates with food.  In the middle of all the food sits a single loaf of bread next… Read More »The Lords Supper – The Reason We Gather?

Simply False: False Teaching In Simple Church

One of the most common questions I receive about simple church is,  “What happens if someone teaches something incorrect?”  It’s a good question with good news for an answer.  Simple church can allow for one of the most full-proof methods of discernment if we choose to use it. Often one or two people within Christian groups bear most of the responsibility to explain Scripture.  Usually these teachers/leaders remind hearers to compare the message with Scripture, but follow-up opportunities for questions, clarifications, or correction are rare especially if the message is given and received within the context of a large group. … Read More »Simply False: False Teaching In Simple Church