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The Missional Church… Simple


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2 thoughts on “The Missional Church… Simple”

  1. Wow, I felt a stirring in my soul after watching that! But the thought of being part of a missional church makes my stomach churn, I feel so ill-equipped! Are we doing a class or something at FAC to start equipping people to take part?

    1. I know your feelings exactly! This takes faith and complete trust in Him. We will have training, but rest assured that in the end it will require you and me full of faith filled risks, trusting the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us as we are used by him to impact our world. I’ve always been encouraged by the fact that God does not want our ability… just our availability. I trust that if you are available, God will train you and prepare you to be a part of His “missional church!”

      New Church Orientation Starts September 26th (for six weeks), lower auditorium during 2nd service (10:45am).
      Training on Evangelism and Discipleship will start in November during the same time and run through Christmas.

      I hope you can join us!

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