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Hello!  It’s been a while since I last logged in here.  I’ve finished up my stint with FCA and I’m currently on vacation.  I wanted to just shoot you a couple of “updates” that may be of interest to you:

“New Church” Orientation / September 26 – October 31 / 10:45PM Lower Auditorium / First Alliance Church

Starting on September 26, we will begin walking through the “DNA” of the new work that we are going to be a apart of.  This will orientation will run for six weeks with each week covering a different aspect of of the new work.  We look forward to finally getting to lay out what we sense God is up to in our community!  If you have any interest at all in the “church plant” then we’d encourage you to be there.  It is our hope that at the conclusion of this orientation you will be able to better discern if God is leading you to go on this journey with us!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my new email

Apex Visit

A few of us were able to visit a “network of house churches” in Dayton, OH a few weeks back.  Apex is a “megachurch” that is trying to implement many of the principles we feel will be at the core of the new work here in Lexington.  While starting from a very different place, It was exciting and encouraging to see similar principles being lived out.  Visit Apex HERE.

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