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“Have you heard about what is going on with Francis Chan?”

What’s Next for Francis Chan? A Conversation with Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris.  (click to watch video)

This past Sunday I had a conversation with a lady who, after hearing about the vision for the new work God has placed in me, asked me if I “had heard about what was going on with Francis Chan?”  I once listened to a message that Francis Chan preached and I am familiar with his “Just Stop and Think” video but I have not read his book “Crazy Love” or any other book of his for that matter.  I was intrigued by the question, however, because I did recently read Neil Cole’s “Church 3.0” and Francis Chan wrote the forward to it.  I found it interesting that a mega church pastor would be encouraging others to consider Neil’s arguments about “church.”  So it turns out that Francis Chan has recently resigned as pastor of the large church he was leading and going down a different path, possibly possibly to “do church in a different way–not necessarily the formal Sunday services.”

The video linked here is an interesting dialog between Mr. Chan, Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris (two other pastors of mega churches) concerning all that is going on inside the head and heart of Francis Chan.  The more that I walk down this road, the more amazed that I am of others that seem to be heading the same direction.  Sure seems like God is doing something.  I’m excited to join Him!

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