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a simple church network visualized

Below is a short power point presentation we used at the “preview lunch” last Sunday to try and paint a picture of how we see this “simple church network” developing.  Perhaps the one thing that this presentation does not reflect is the geographic nature of the “simple church” communities.  We expect that many of them will develop along geographic lines, although it is also highly probable that some will develop more along relational lines that may not necessarily be geographic in nature.  For example, as members “express” their faith and live out the Great Commission, it might be that those most impacted would from an individuals workplace.  One other thing to remember before viewing:  We do not want to forget that “church” meetings are not the goal here.  We believe that “simple churches” will emerge naturally as His love moves us to engage in the Great Commission locally.

[slideshare id=6082454&doc=previewlunchpresentation-101208152803-phpapp02]

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