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Meeting Ideas (Part 1)

I wanted to share some abbreviated notes from Frank Viola’s book Finding Organic Church.  Perhaps it may encourage you as we “learn how to meet” together in our simple churches.  Please note that, to my knowledge, the Frank Viola that wrote this book is not the same Frank Viola that played for the Mets and signed the ball above.

Chapter 15:  Learning How To Meet : Meeting Content

1) Sing Together – without instruments, without a song leader or a music leader, learn lots of new songs together.

2) Share TogetherViola suggests the following “share together” exercises for the first six months (it could vary in time depending on the number in your group.)

Exercise 1: Life Story.  Each person share their life story including their testimony of how they came to faith in Christ. Do this until everyone is done then move to exercise 2.

Exercise 2: The Word Preached.  (Updated:  Check out this website and search “teachings” or “videos” in the blog and listen to a message and discuss it together.  Also, check search teachings from Wayne Jacobsen and some of the talks at

Exercise 3: Music.  Everyone takes a turn to bring a song written by a Christian or non-Christian artist.  Either lead it or play it for the group and share why it focuses you on Christ and how Christ ministers to you through it.  Encourage others to comment.  Everyone take a turn then move on to exercise 4.

Exercise 4: Scripture.  Each week two people take turns to bring one of their favorite passages of scripture to share with the group.  Share what it means and how it has applied to them.  (this bookmark can help you think great questions to ask about scriptures)

Exercise 5: Future.  Each week two people share what they would like their lives to look like in 5 years.

3) Eat Together – a pillar upon which true body life is built.

4)  Have Fun Together – learn how not to be religious, joke a lot, laugh a lot.

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1 thought on “Meeting Ideas (Part 1)”

  1. At first, for many families this is going to feel like living on another planet! Talk with my kids!? Pray with my husband/wife?! Listen to the kind of music my daughter likes?! How can she like THAT?! 😂
    But we will grow more than ever before as we attune our hearts to what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

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