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Movement to Monument

This is the video we watched during our Sunday morning network gathering.  Neil raises many of the issues we have addressed over the last 6 months in a clear and concise manor.  I would encourage every simple church to take time to watch and discuss the points addressed in this video.  I have typed out the 10 steps for going from a “movement to a monument” that are identified in the video as they were a little hard to read on the slides.  They are as follows:

1.  From Biblical Priorities to Non-Biblical Priorities – valuing methods and traditions sacred as scripture

2. From Leadership to Management – the people expect to be managed and those that led now simply manage the people they have.

3. From Volunteers to Employees – increased staff creates pressure to maintain levels of income

4. From Proactive to Protective – establishment of programs and policies to protect the organization and or its leadership.

5. From Aggressive Mission to Accumulation of Wealth – rise in assets and a decrease in risk-taking.

6. From Servant Leadership to Leaders Who Are Served – those in power are motivated to protect their positions.

7. From the Presence of Christ As Our Rule to Policies and Procedures – “that’s the way we’ve always done it before.”

8. From The Margins to The Mainstream – the movement takes on a sense of prominence by the majority rather than being active on the margins.

9. From Organic Growth (x) to Organizational (+) -the growth shifts from multiplication on the grassroots level to the addition of programs and staff.

10. From Flat Structure to Fat – building of hierarchical layers.

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