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“As the Father has sent me so I am sending you.” John 20:21

Currently, the Lord is reminding me to live sent.  The Father sent Jesus to the World.  He sent the Holy Spirit to us.  Jesus sent out the 12 and the 70.  Now he sends us to go and make disciples.  I am amazed at how easily I have strayed from this truth, especially since the heart of Simple Church is this:

We all are priests sent into the world to make disciples. “Church” emerges organically when and where disciples are multiplied.

I know and understand this, yet an intense pull inside me tries to set up shop and then tries to get outsiders to come in.  I saw this happen often when working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  We would go into a school, set up a huddle group or meeting, then try to get others to come into the group.  The location of the meeting changed from a church building to a school, but we were still attractional in nature.  This is the default pattern for many believers.  If we are to see a simple church movement birthed in our community, this has to change.  The Lord must give us a “go” default.  What does this look like practically?  Allow this excellent 2 minute video to illustrate further…

When our default mode shifts to “go” and simple churches are birthed by new disciples and their “circle” of friends, then we may see a multiplication movement begin.  Indeed there is a cost associated with “going.”  Picture life as a foreign missionary to begin imagining the difficulties. However “living sent” here in the US may present more challenges in some ways as we deal with a “come” Christian worldview that demands less and is easier for us to insert into our busy lives.

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