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Divided? (Video)

Have you ever received an email about a someone’s favorite cause and includes the line, “If you really love Jesus then send this on to 10 people.”  Such emails drive me nuts!  I love Jesus and I happily trash those emails.

With that being said, I realize that the message in the video below could come across in a similar fashion.  It could end up sounding to some like I am trying to say, “If you love Jesus then you will not send your kids to youth group, Sunday School, etc.”  To be clear, this is not my intent.  In fact, I do not prescribe 100% to their arguments and at times I don’t find the tone of the documentary be helpful to their case.  In the end, I do believe that the argument being made is important to consider as we seek to help children grow to have genuine and real faith of their own.  For those of us involved with simple or organic church, it may even be affirming to you.

I would love to hear your thoughts. (Note: this documentary is free for a limited time on-line and does last almost an hour).


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