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The Best Way To Start A Simple Church…

…Is to start a simple church!

I’m not sure where I read that, but I believe it to be true. With a new season upon us why not trust God to take you on a discipleship journey and start a simple church? I have met with several folks who have expressed interest and a few that are going to make the leap this year. Why not join them? You never know what God will do unless you step out of the boat. Certainly don’t get out of the boat unless you hear Jesus calling you, but if you do hear him, then step out and allow God to take you to the land that he will show you!

If that is you, then allow me share a few thoughts with you on getting started remembering that there is no one set way in which God will begin a church:

1. Pick a date. Look at the calendar noting your travel plans and see when might be a good date for you to be able to start your simple church community.

2. Find a Partner. Prayerfully approach someone or another family about joining you on the simple church journey. Jesus sent disciples out in pairs. I think this is wise for starting a simple church as well.

3. Invite Others. Remember, you are not inviting people to a new church but to a way of life where you are growing in Christ in the context of community. Each of us will do this and communicate this differently. Ask Jesus and He will give you a sense of peace about this. The most important thing is to just obey Him as He leads. As for me, I’ve decided to intentionally approach my neighbors saying something like this:

“Hello! I live on your street and my wife and I have decided to do something for
our neighborhood this year. We are opening our home up on Sunday mornings
for breakfast to anyone who is looking to get to know people on the street and
also who desire to grow spiritually. This isn’t a church meeting, but an attempt
to build real community in our neighborhood and to encourage one another
in our spiritual journeys…wherever they are. If that is something that sounds
interesting to you or you would like to know more, give me a call or stop by my
home anytime. We’ll start our breakfasts this Sunday…”

4. Don’t Look Back. It may take several weeks or even months to see simple church organically emerge. It may take stopping some of your present “Christian activities” for the sake of being available to those around you. Don’t throw in the towel. Give God the entire year.

5. Connect With Others Leading Simple Church. This is why Simple Church Alliance is here. If you are not in Kentucky, then contact us anyway and we’ll help you find someone in your neck of the woods. You will need the face-to-face support and encouragement from others who share your call.

Let us know if you plan to start a simple church this year so we can join you in prayer!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

UPDATE: In revisiting this post several years later, I do wish to suggest other ways we have seen simple churches born.  See this post for more thoguhts on how to one might be involved with the birth of a new simple church:  

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15 thoughts on “The Best Way To Start A Simple Church…”

  1. God is moving a person, family, neighbors, city to cties, and state to states, and country to another countries to the whold world.

    Where is a worker?
    Hear am I.

    Hear is our first step like a baby; walks a first step out!
    Jesus holds hands…..

    1. Thanks Ruth! You can pray that the Lord will multiply disciples, leaders and ultimately simple churches in our region and beyond–and that I would have the wisdom to involve myself only as much as God would have me too. I don’t want to get in the way of what He wants to do!

  2. This was an encouraging article. I have been having small groups/church almost over 9 years in my home. I am a preacher and teacher at the Vineyard/Healing Center in Cincinnati Ohio. The Lord has called me to step to another level and Pastor a church. Any Godly wisdom and advice you may have , I would appreciate it and your prayers. Thank you, Dale Tolbert

    1. Dale, I just sent you an email. I look forward to hearing more about how the Lord is leading you in this new step of faith! If I or any of the folks in simple church down here can be of an encouragement to you we pray we will! Merry Christmas!

    2. Hi Pastor Dale
      For me the point is that there is no position of Pastor in the New Testament it is a function . The pattern has developed from the priest /congregation pattern . It is man’s idea not God’s.Drop the title.

      1. Well actually there is the function of the Pastor and their is nothing wrong with distinguishing yourself as one if you are doing the work as a Pastor or Chaplain. I do not believe we have any modern day Apostles or Prophets for the foundation has already been established by them with Christ as the chief corner stone. But there are teachers, preachers, pastors, evangelist all commissioned to bring the gospel to the world.

  3. l agree with you , but the reason why God call his own elect is you can not be a master without being a slave . be in a church or a cell group be active in all programs .yes l was a choir leader for 10 Yrs now can not stand any longer want to have my own ministry

  4. Looking back through old posts and came across this due to some of the recent comments. I would probably change this title now from “The Best Way…” to “A Way” as my experience has led me to some different thoughts about what actually might be “best.” I think the above mentioned idea is a really good idea, but i would encourage meeting in the home of others first, helping them to essentially be the leaders of the new church. This idea would be similar to those found in Luke 10 and highlighted on this list that includes several other ways I’ve seen simple churches start:

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