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Lessons Learned In 2011

I have read several books about simple church this year.  These books have helped me, but my deepest lessons have come through actually “doing” simple church.  I would like to share a few truths I’ve learned during the course of the past year:

*  God is at work in the United States (and specifically in Kentucky) initiating a discipleship/simple church movement.

*  My family and I can obediently express our faith outside the traditional church structures.

*  Observing the Lord’s Table together with the Body, within the context of a meal, is more powerful and rich in meaning than I thought possible.

*  The challenges involved with including children in simple church gatherings are insignificant when compared to the blessing they are to the community.

*  The traditional church CAN play a significant role in launching simple churches.

*  Simple church is simple in form, but difficult at times to live.

*  For simple church to reproduce, it requires a willingness of all involved to continually live outside comfort zones.

*  If we allow Him, Jesus can really lead a meeting and teach us when we gather for simple church.

*  Simple church reproduction begins with disciple reproduction (and a Life Transformation Group is a great way of making disciples at the personal level!)

*  Many people in our area have deeply embedded and resistant ideas about church which are not necessarily biblical.

*  A husband’s and wife’s joint commitment to simple church is extremely important.

*  It really is important for every believer to engage others in conversations about Jesus.  This is how discipleship begins.


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