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How Do I Help Develop A New Simple Church Leader?

How does a simple church leader help develop a new simple church leader? This was the question posed to those leading simple churches in our area at a recent training. Here is a list of what the groups came up with:

* Identify and encourage leadership qualities in others
* Spend time with potential leader
* Pray for potential leader
* Give opportunities to lead
* Champion their calling–as a leader/disciple maker
* Lead/Watch – Lead/Help – Help/Lead – Watch/Lead
* Learn along side of potential leader
* Continually point leader to Christ (not to us)
* Listen and Obey the Spirit as He leads us
* Be fully committed to the paradigm of simple church (It is difficult to help others become leaders if you are not convinced internally that simple church is a viable alternative to traditional/legacy church structures)
* Be missional—make sure you are willing to let others go
* See where God is working around you and in the lives of others
* Ask potential leaders to become simple church leaders (Don’t assume that they know they have permission)
* Cultivate a hunger for God’s Word in potential leaders

Can you think of other ways that we might help someone become a simple church leader? Is there a difference between helping someone grow as disciple and helping someone become a simple church leader?  In what ways did Jesus develop the leaders of the New Testament church?

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