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Free Online “Soul Care” Class with Dr. Larry Crabb

Do you ever feel paralyzed when a friend or acquaintance shares a personal struggle with you?  Do you find yourself feeling unsure of how to respond to hurts and wounds that are exposed in your simple church community?

I wanted to point out a free online course, Soul Care 101, for anyone desiring to invest some time in becoming a better listener, counselor, and friend to those in our lives who share struggles with us.  Dr. Larry Crabb says that “Soul Care” is something that every Christian needs to be able to give.  Personally, I see “soul care” as another way of thinking about discipleship.  While I have not finished this course, I continue to find the lectures helpful and extremely practical and relevant to simple church ministry.  Check out the video below to hear more from Dr. Crabb and perhaps these lectures will be both encouraging and instructive on being a better friend and simple church leader.  Note:  you can get access to the lectures in mp3 format without actually having to do the coursework if you simply wish to listen to the teachings.


You may also find this interview with Dr. Crabb about “church” interesting.

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7 thoughts on “Free Online “Soul Care” Class with Dr. Larry Crabb”

  1. tsvetan stefanov davidov

    I love God I had marriage problems and book help me I wan to get more of this teaching to help me and anoher people I m from Bulgaria and we need this a lot

  2. Dear Dr. Crabb, While I lived in KC, MO, several years ago,I took your online course, I have used Soul Care principles in personal counseling with individuals who have come across my path and wanted to tell their story. Now, here in Ellijay GA, I have been ask to lead a group in our church who will become Pray Partners/Counselors. Our Education Minister with be in touch for details. Thank you, Nuella Luther

  3. Need to take a courses /training that would help me to training our church people who have been serving at different level of the church structure, deacons, choir, elders and others.

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