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Simple Church Revolution – Free Book

I wanted to make everyone aware of a great FREE resource.  I recently revisited Roger Thoman’s free ebook “Simple/House Church Revolution” and it is really a great resource for anyone considering simple/house church ministry.  In addition, since it is free, sharing this resource with friends could be an excellent starting point to see who might be interested in joining you on the simple church journey!  Always know that we are here to help train, encourage, and support you along the way so let us know who we can serve you!

Click Here to Downloadfreebook

From the back cover:

Simple/House Church Revolution explores how the church can re-discover her true nature as a movement of Jesus-following radicals. 

You will discover how dynamic church can be when believers live a lifestyle that reflects Jesus’ own life and ministry while gathering simply, often in homes, for growth, mutual encouragement, and family life.You will find practical ideas for:

  • Loving neighbors and friends
  • Gathering in Spirit-led communities
  • Multiplying disciples and churches
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