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Communion Lessons: Childlike Humility

By Karla Duerson

Gavin asked today, “In what way does God want me to be more childlike in my humility?” referring to Matthew 18:2-4 from the Bible.  Nothing personal came to mind at first.  Then later when I was cleaning up from our Simple Church gathering, something came.

It was a new thought based on a familiar dilemma.  Normally, after everyone leaves I busily and easily put all the dishes in the washer, scrape the leftovers into the garbage disposal, put the toys in the bin, place books on the shelf, but then I come to the elements.  I go to the bread and the juice and I pause.

This plate seems more sacred than the rest.  I don’t feel well dumping the contents of either the plate or cup down the sink, though I have resorted to it many times, sadly.  Putting the cup to my lips and drinking it down myself doesn’t seem much better or appealing, to be honest, with the little crumbs of bread floating on the top.  So, many times I walk away just leaving the elements and the decision about them for another time hoping that a new or better option may just pop into my mind later.  Another one hasn’t until today.

Today I put the bread and the juice on the table where Kendall and Emma were playing.  “May I have some, Mommy?” Kendall asked.  I nodded affirmatively and Kendall eagerly and happily ate while I went back to my cleaning.

Almost at once, my mind turned back to the question.  Kendall was delighted with the juice and the bread.  The crumbs floating on top did not bother her.  There was no pause in her receiving more of such a sacred reminder that tasted so good to her.  She was not even starved for food.  Yet, she received it happily, eagerly with gratitude.  “That is not like me,” I thought, “this is where God has some changing to do.”

I am pretentious.  I love to eat yummy juice and bread, but I don’t want to appear to like it too much.  I know the whole meal with believers and the risen Christ is Communion, but I can’t help feel concerned about the “special” bread and juice—is there really no distinction between sacred and secular?

The Lord brings other words to my heart.  “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  This is the childlike humility God seemingly wants.  He seems to say, “Receive me unashamedly, eagerly, with delight.  Don’t hold back or fear that you look desperate or even greedy for Me.  Become like this little child who receives gratefully the food that’s given.  For, Child, not only do you need me, but I taste good!”

This week I will receive God and His blessings with a “Yes, please!!”

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