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Organic Gardening Principles

I can’t remember exactly where I got this list, but I believe it was from the CMA Greenhouse Training:

Principles of Organic Gardening:


1. The key for growth in the farm or garden is in the health of the soil.


2. Organic farmers remove hindrances to healthy growth from the soil.


3. In an organic garden, a variety of plants and crops grow up together.


4. Organic gardeners don’t add chemicals that are not in their natural form.


5. Chemical nutrients may be added when they are considered a natural supplement to the soil


6. Gardeners tend their garden often and with care. The plants are inspected for pests.


7. When growth gets out of hand the farmer thins out some of the growth…sometimes by transplanting vegetation to a different location.


8. To increase production in fruit trees and grapevines, farmers maintain a regular pruning regimen.


9. Organic farmers trust their seeds, but not all seeds germinate…so the plants lots of them!


10. The organic gardener is dependent on the Creator for sunlight and rainfall.


What can we learn about organic church planting from these organic gardening principles?  For additional thoughts check out this related article I posted:  “Our Role and God’s Role”

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