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“House Worship” Opportunities (Guest Blog)

House Worship Opportunities – A Guest Blog by Dana and Diego Vogel

Hi family!

I know we haven’t met very many of you yet, but my husband and I (Diego and Dana) would love to throw out an idea for you all. One thing we both really have hearts for is worship through music and prayer. We usually incorporate this into our own simple church gatherings, but we also have a desire to share an extended time with everyone dedicated to just prayer and worship. We’ve done this several times before with some of you, and it’s always so GOOD – an evening spent singing to God, praying over each other, encouraging each other through visions, prophecy, Scripture, art, etc., and ultimately just spending time with God and each other with no other agenda.

A few people have mentioned that one of the things they miss about the traditional church context is the opportunity to worship danadiegothrough song with other believers. So by offering this, we’re hoping to offer that opportunity. And what I love about it is that however often we do gather in worship, it will be out of the longing of our hearts for God and not out of routine.

We see this also as being a time where everyone can be uniquely involved – kids welcome! So if you play an instrument, bring it and play along! If you love to draw/paint, we can get paper and colored pencils. If your heart is for the world, maybe we can get a map and pray for the nations! Anything. 🙂

So, just know that we are offering. And if at any point you want to host an evening (or morning or afternoon), just let us or Gavin know. My email is

Also, if music is something you’ve been wanting at your regular gatherings, but maybe haven’t figured out what that could look like, we would love to encourage you in that way too.


Dana and Diego Vogel

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2 thoughts on ““House Worship” Opportunities (Guest Blog)”

  1. Sounds awesome and I am in!!! Thank you guys for sharing your talents with the rest of us, and encouraging me to spend more time in worship and prayer

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