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Our Year In Simple Church (Part 5) By Karla Duerson

What Simple Church has meant to me this year:

I have found rest, loyalty and inspiration from Simple Church this year. When I wake up on Sunday mornings, I love that I can come as I am to Skate Church. I come as I am and bring what I have without pressure that it’s not enough, not right or that I have to do or be something else. I am also blessed by the loyalty of the many who gather in Skate Church, the training, LTGs and otherwise. I see people living loyally to Christ and His calling for us to journey together. I’m amazed by it. I have been inspired this year through my involvement with Simple Church. Through relationships and conversations, I’ve been inspired to consider the idea of creating culture, to commit to an LTG, to remember that everything that multiplies starts small and to keep praying for one another.


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