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To Those Who Have “Unplugged”

I just wanted to write a post to those of you who are a part of simple church—specifically those of you who I have the privilege of knowing and working with locally.

Most days I spend time visiting with people interested in “simple church” and all that it entails.  While many people see that simple church is a natural and Biblical way for making disciples and seeing the Kingdom grow, yet as I am sure some of you know, it is very difficult to “unplug” from the traditional church and the programs and services it offers.

So, I just wanted to take a break to say “thank you” for your willingness to go down this road together.  I know you are exploring simple church out of obedience to Jesus—not for me or anyone else for that matter.  Nonetheless, your faithfulness to Him is commendable and it encourages me to keep going.  I know that many of you have pursued this life with great cost to you and your family.   You have given up lots of good things and comforts for the hope of something richer and more meaningful and as a result, your life is harder.   What is more, I know that many of you haven’t exactly seen a lot of tangible fruit from your sacrifice.  Instead, you have found that there really isn’t anything simple about making disciples and seeing churches organically birthed.  However, you are still here.

I want you to know that your commitment to Jesus is a great encouragement to me and to countless others who are on the road with you.  Forsaking “getting involved in a good church” for a non-institutionalized relational way of walking with Jesus and His people is no small transition to make—especially when traditional church is all you have known.  I pray that you are encouraged today for your faithfulness is inspiring.

It’s a privilege to be on this journey with you!

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2 thoughts on “To Those Who Have “Unplugged””

  1. This was such a wonderfully uplifting post!! We have been on our journey for four years and your words were so accurate about the challenges we have (and continue to) faced. It is easy to begin to believe you are all alone in what you are doing. Nice to know there is someone out there that knows what it’s like. We need to be encouragers for each other.. Glad we found this network.

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