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No Traffic Controls?

I came across this video the other day and I thought it was a great teaching tool for simple church. What do you think? What could this video possibly have to say to us about simple church?… I’d love for you to take a stab at it and post your comments below.  Perhaps we can create a group-like teachable moment right here on this page.  If you get stuck, click on the video to view comments posted on YouTube. See if any of them sound familiar!

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2 thoughts on “No Traffic Controls?”

  1. As an economist we teach students that markets work best when people are free to decide for themselves. Underlying that belief is the idea that people will make rational decisions that are in their best interest. I think the message for simple churchers is that the Holy Spirit is all we need to direct and lead us. We don’t need the institutional church to help us decide when to go through the intersections of our lives.

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