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A Letter From Karla and Gavin

Dear Friends and Family,

Here we are at the end of one year and the cusp of another. As we reflect on 2014, we are moved to express our gratitude to you. We wake up and get to do what we are doing because of the great love and support we receive from you.

We continue to serve with the faithful pioneers of Simple Church Alliance. We have been trusting God together with this endeavor for four years. In 2014, we have enjoyed celebrating marriages including Kye and Kendall’s beautiful ceremony on the Wheeler’s farm and Dirk and Charity Joy’s in historic Lexington. Our friends Lindy, Katherine, and Emmalee were baptized. Leaders from here and across the globe gathered for our third conference at Asbury. Preparations are being made for more babies and more marriages. People are taking steps of faith to move to new places and new endeavors. Others are continuing faithfully as students and going to college for the first time. People are serving and praying for those around them and on the other side of the world. People are waiting on God to know what to do, others are mourning the deaths of loved ones. Right where they are, people are making Christ’s life real to others. You are making Christ real to us and we are so grateful.

Photos by Elizabeth Withers 

In our nuclear family, we are plodding on in our homeschooling endeavors, enlivened by a great Classical Conversations community. We have been studying American history. We have been moved by the sacrifices of George Washington and the expeditions of Lewis and Clark. We are thankful to have the leisure to read and learn about such amazing people and stories. Guy and Emma get to take piano lessons. Gavin helps coach Guy’s basketball team through Summit Christian Academy. Emma plays now too on the girl’s team. Kendall still loves horses and even got to ride our friend Brooke’s horse one afternoon. Beau’s antics entertain us and leave us wondering what in the world will come of his energy and boldness. Neva basks in the affection and adoration of the whole family.

Karla’s Pilates involvement continues to be a great blessing. She has wonderful clients and friends. HealthWoRx is supportive and a great place to work. Gavin also keeps rapping. His gift to bring laughter makes life so much sweeter!

In the midst of these endeavors, as a family of seven, we have many opportunities to depend on God and to see Him provide and help us. He even takes our stresses, failures, troubles worries, and sickness and brings good! We think he did something especially significant this year in regard to our work in church planting. He reminded us of our vision for our Simple Church network to help begin and support whole other networks around the state and country. Gavin has had many chances to act on this. We also know that God wants us to be willing to let people know the need for monthly financial support. Since giving to Simple Church is confidential, we don’t know who gives, but we sure appreciate the gifts given (click here for more information on supporting). Thank you!

We are humbled and grateful to be on this journey and that we have so many to thank for making it possible. Blessings to you and your loved ones for a great 2015!

– Karla and Gavin Duerson

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