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Mega Church planting House Churches?

Northland Church in Florida recently caught my attention.  Northland is a mega church seeking to be a “church distributed.”  Their vision for distributing the church, according to their website, is to plant simple churches.  The even have a directly-linked page dedicated to simple church planting that is similar to this site.  Also, you will see a link to a special training site that includes 11 video teachings and notes to help people start simple churches.

Here is a video on their churches main website that features the first lesson in their simple church training:


Without question, the Church in America changing as more and more people wrestle with the question, “What is a church?”  What are your thoughts about mega churches planting simple churches?   While larger churches with this mission can sometimes overestimate the importance of coming to their larger church meetings (in my personal opinion) and can have a hard time truly releasing people to be independent churches, I am very encouraged by the seriousness of this church with regards to seeing simple churches reproduced!  As long as they don’t get into this “mega house church” thing, I’m on board!

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