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Easter Celebration Gathering 2015

On Easter Sunday (April 5th, 5pm @ FAC Gym, located at 2201 Old Higbee Mill Road in Lexington), we will celebrate the new life in Christ available to all at our Easter Celebration Gathering!  Join us for a time to enjoy corporate worship, fellowship, testimonies, prayer and a communion meal.  Bring your friends and family to partake.

FOOD:  Simple Church Alliance will provide DRINKS, PLATES, NAPKINS, and UTENSILS.  We will ask every simple church or group coming to bring food enough for their simple church and any guests that they anticipate will be joining.  This means a main entree, sides and dessert.  In other words, just prepare a meal like you do every other week and we’ll put it all on the table to share.  If you are new or a guest, just show up and bring a dish if you can.  It always seems to work out!

STORIES OF NEW LIFE!  The invitation to share your testimony is open.  The theme is “New Life.”  If you would like to share how you became a Christian or a testimony of how God is making you into a new person, please let me know.

BABY DEDICATIONS and BAPTISMS.  This can be a great opportunity for both! Please let us know if you are interested.

HELP?  If anyone would like to help set up (3pm) or help with serving food/making coffee and drinks.  Let me know.  We don’t need a ton of folks but a few people looking out for things seems is very helpful.

PARKING  When you come up the hill, please enter through the left-side entrance into the Gym.  Thanks to FAC for their continued support for simple church planting and multiplication!

We look forward to a wonderful time of fellowship, worship, encouragement, testimony, and celebration of the Lord’s Supper with you and your family!

If you or someone in your simple church would be interested in sharing a short personal story of how Jesus has changed your life, then please contact Gavin for more information!


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