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Guest Blog by Kaity Wilson

On May 15th just a couple weeks ago I had the privilege of hosting the women of simple church in my apartment for a creative worship night. It was such a blessing to have our community of women of all generations, from age 8 and up, gathered in the presence of our Father to seek Him and to express ourselves in creative worship. It was at last year’s Simple Church Conference that my heart was set ablaze with a yearning to have more quality time with the women who make up Simple Church, but God had not shown me how this could happen yet. It wasn’t until this month that God brought to fruition that desire in my heart through this time of creative worship where all of us could gather together and use the different ways God expresses himself through us to encourage one another.

I am so thankful for the way that God organically allowed this gathering to happen and for the response towards it from all the women – all of us want to do it at least once a month and it has become something God has set on all of our hearts in this season to invest in. I hope that you will be encouraged to put feet to your faith by inviting others into whatever it may be that God is showing you to initiate in your church community. I feel like God revealed to me that my heart needed more fellowship with the women of Simple Church and by giving Him my hands and heart He made it happen and it blessed us all.

– Kaity Wilson

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