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July 15 Leadership Gathering – from Toby Jenkins

On the third Wednesday of every month we get together for a hands-on leadership training “experience.”  This month, several of the leaders and I will host a discussion on the the financial support for Simple Church Alliance instead.  We will return to the usual training next month, but on July 15 we will pause for this important discussion.

What does giving look like in simple church and specifically how are the Duersons supported for their leadership in the region?  What exactly does a gift to Simple Church Alliance support?  What is the current financial picture?

We want to have an open and honest discussion on these and other related questions with all who believe in the vision of multiplying disciples and simple church communities throughout the region.  We hope that you will make plans to join us and our special guest David Toth who will help facilitate.

July 15th – First Southern Bank (Simple Church Alliance Office)

Pizza and Veggies Provided


Childcare will be provided at the Duersons.  Please RSVP for children with or 859-260-8524 (call or text).

You can learn more about financially supporting Simple Church Alliance at this link:


Toby Jenkins


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1 thought on “July 15 Leadership Gathering – from Toby Jenkins”

  1. Sadly, I cannot make it on Wednesdays because I work in another town until pretty late. I have a suggestion on one way we may be able to get some residual donations through Kroger’s gift card program. I am not sure if you are familiar with this, but if you set up an account for Simple Church, then people can buy a gift card to Kroger under that organization and buy their normal groceries with it. In return, Kroger donates a percentage (I think 10%) to the organization. This would be a way that we could contribute more. I feel strongly that Simple Church and the Skate Church Ministry are worth keeping around, and I would like to be able to contribute more.

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