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Simple Church Hangout March 2 (Hosted Online by Pendleton Co. Ekklesia)

You are invited to open your laptop or phone and join our good friends in Pendleton Co Kentucky as they host a simple church hangout to discuss “Gatherings, Meetings, and Discipleship”

Gatherings, Meetings, and Discipleship – We would like to discuss together the role gatherings and meetings play in the making of disciples. We would love to hear what God is saying to and doing in the lives of everyone involved in or trying to start a simple church. We hope all will be encouraged and challenged to take new steps of faith! – Jeff and Darah Herron

Simple Church Hangouts are a great opportunity for you to connect with others in simple church–especially if you are a part of a simple church in an area where a local network is yet to form!  Starting in 2016, our online gatherings will be “hosted” by simple church leaders who have a specific topic of prayer or discussion that they are hoping to discuss and get feedback on.  Simple Church Hangouts will utilize Google Hangouts, an online video conferencing application that is available for free to anyone with a google or Gmail account.  Join us as we experiment with this means of connecting and encouragement!

Simple Church Hangout hosted by Pendleton Co. Ekklesia

March 2nd, 7PM

Event page link:

To Participate: Participants will need to 1)have a google or gmail account, 2) be signed in and 3) check out the link above at the date and time listed.  You can go ahead and do steps 1 and 2 now and sign up to attend the event and you will receive an email notification of the event when it starts.  Should there be more than 10 parties wanting to connect, you will be able to watch the online event live and submit questions via email.  If you are unfamiliar with google hangouts, here is a brief introduction.

More about Google Hangouts can be found on their help page HERE.  In addition, if you need any help getting set up or joining the Simple Church Hangout or simply would like to let Jeff and Darah know you plan to join them, you can contact them at this email:

If you would like to host a Simple Church Hangout, let us know and we will will work with you to set it up and get the word out!


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