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SEEK FIRST – Video by Skate Church Friends

For the past several years Josh Roberts, who along with his wife Katherine helped start a simple church for skaters known in Lexington, KY as “skate church,” has faithfully worked on a video with other guys in the skate church family.  The purpose of the upcoming video, entitled Seek First, is to make the most of their love and passion for skateboarding for the “His Kingdom.” Their perseverance is about to pay off as they are coming down the home stretch with the project and have even set a date for the premier.

If you would like to know more about skate church in Kentucky or stay in the loop with the premier of the video you can “like” and “follow” Lexington Skate Church here.  You can also contact Josh Roberts directly here to find out more or learn how you could host a viewing of the video at your home or park this summer with some of the guys in the video.

Check out “trailer 1” for “Seek First” below:


Watch The Entire Video Online Now Below:

More about Skate Church.  The Lexington Skate Church is a simple church composed of those connected to the skate community in Lexington Kentucky.  It is their hope to encourage the birth of simple, organic, skate churches across the state and country through simple church planting and disciples making principles.  While most skate church ministries take the more traditional route of starting and organization or partnering with  traditional church then building/operating a skate park for ministry to youth, the Lexington Skate Church has sought to function much like an “organic” church for entire families connected to the sport– often meeting at public skate parks or homes when weather doesn’t cooperate.  If you would like to start a “skate church” in your town, contact us and we can help get you going! Check out this documentary to learn more:


On Board from Julia Chin on Vimeo.

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