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Church By A Big Tree

God is giving birth to a simple church composed of folks who originally connected through an “ultimate frisbee” team.  I met Lynnette Malott and her family a week ago when visiting this neat new community of Jesus followers.  Today she posted to her Facebook page the comments below.  I asked her if I could repost here. 

One year in Kentucky today. We moved out here to be part of a church plant, but tonight we did church by a big tree in the park with a group of entirely different people. One of the women that I had just met said to me last week that our church plant didn’t fail, it just ended up looking differently than we thought it would. What a great perspective. Yes, we moved out here to plant Renovation Church , but no, we are no longer doing that. That ended.

There is a line in a song that says “how many years did you plan this moment here to show me how you love me?”

I can’t help but smile and think that this is what God had planned for us the whole time.
It was a long season of loneliness, but coming through that has been such a sweet, restoring process. I am so thankful for the people that God has placed on my path. Hand picked by God, just for me. Friendships and a group of women that I have been praying for long before we moved here. Friendships that heal things you didn’t realize were hurting. I feel incredibly blessed. I feel like I’m finally allowing myself, slowly, to be me……and to be happy. Here. Home. All the feels today friends.

I pray that I’ll always smile when I drive underneath the trees that cover the roads. I pray that I’ll always appreciate the seasons changing and be reminded that life is the same way, full of new seasons. I pray that one day I’ll pick up a southern accent and that sweet tea will actually taste good to me. ;0) I pray that the trees, the green, the lakes, the birds (yes, I just said people…), the storms, the mountains, the creeks and the looks on my kids’ faces as they run through the yard with mason jars catching fireflies, never get old. I can’t wait for more adventures.

To think we could be missing out on all this….I pray that my family will always be brave enough to take chances in life. Big & small. I pray that for all of you as well!

Goodnight y’all

Lynette Malott


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