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Tool: LTG Bookmark

Recently I put together a simple printout that you can use as a bookmark in Life Transformation Groups (LTGs).  On this bookmark, I have put some questions and symbols that we have used to train others in discovery Bible study as well as some questions intended to foster authentic disciple-making friendships as well as a few prayer ideas for praying for friends found in Neil Cole’s LTG resources.  This tool will be best understood if you take a second to learn more about Life Transformation Groups and how they can be a helpful way of thinking about making disciples.  Check out this post on our site and the links referenced there to learn about LTG’s how they can be a simple, reproducible way of thinking about multiplying disciples and simple churches.

UPDATE… Ideally, any disciple-making friendship would likely grow out of the need to utilize this bookmark when meeting together.  In fact, I sometimes consider it a challenge to love someone in such a way that these questions are being asked without needing to pull this bookmark out.  My prayer is that this would be a tool to help you learn how to have authentic relationships…if the relationship requires going through this bookmark in a rigid fashion, it may not be serving its purpose.

Download the LTG-SCA Bookmark here.






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