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Zúme Project Launches This Week!

This week, on February 14, the Zúme Project official launches.  Zúme is an online training tool that can help folks begin taking steps toward trusting Jesus and joining Him in His mission of making disciples and multiplying churches.

It also is more than a training tool as it will also serve to connect folks relationally all across the nation who are on this journey together.  As you do the training, you will be contacted by others near you also going through the training for prayer and encouragement.  If you are in Kentucky, initially it will be me contacting you, but we are praying for regional and county leaders across the state.  The goal will be to see two disciple making simple churches started in every census track in America.  Make sure you visit to follow along and take part.


Below is their most recent update and video.



Are YOU ready?


The Zúme Training development team is working hard to get ready for you. But the big question is, are you ready for Zúme?


On February 14, the Zúme Training will be available at


As you know, Zúme is an online course built for ordinary people to learn simple steps to obey God and change the world. At the center of it all is Jesus. In order to start the Zúme journey, you will need to gather at least three friends for the first session. Are you ready?


You can forward this email to anyone who you’d like to invite or encourage them to go to to sign-up.


Zúme. Multiplying disciples. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

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