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Skate Church – FCA Skate Camp Praise

Skate Church-FCA Skate Camp Wrap Up

by Gavin Duerson

We wrapped up our 8th year of Skate Camp yesterday! This camp has a special place in my heart as, in many ways, it was the beginning of what would become “skate church” and what would also help me clearly see the vision for “simple church.” I am super blessed to see that this camp continues to be a pillar in the skate church community and that God is continuing to use it to grow the Kingdom!

Below are some pictures from the week and some bullet point highlights from all that God did:

* Eleven young men publicly professed a desire to receive Christ and prayed with the leaders.

* One young man shared a testimony in front of the group for the first time in his life.

* Two leaders were able to pray for a man at the skate park who was likely addicted to drugs and seemingly experiencing demonic activity.

* “Seek First” DVDs (the skate video that the folks in skate church made this year) were distributed to several skate shops around the area.

* Once again, only a few campers sustained only minor injuries!

* We were able to teach all the campers how to do discovery Bible Study using the symbols we teach folks in simple church.

* Several campers shared that they had never heard any of the stories about Jesus that we read.

* The leaders had great conversations and offered encouraging prayers for one another!

Will you join me in praying for those that have decided to follow Christ as they return to “normal life?” We are praying these campers will be baptized.  We are working to contact their families to discuss their decision and baptism. Also, pray that this camp would strengthen the skate church communities in Lexington, Nicholasville and possible lead to new skate churches started across the region.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!

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