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Spring Cleaning (by Kristy Wheeler)

Spring Cleaning

by Kristy Wheeler

Friends, while spring cleaning this week I found a jar full of thoughts & prayers from our group many years ago. I figured it would be encouraging to share these since no names are attached and since quite a bit of time has passed.

–God expects us to gather like we do. We will not grow as He intends if we avoid deep fellowship. When life gets tough, we tend to avoid getting with the church. Iron sharpens iron.

–We need to make space in our lives to serve others.

–Jesus chooses who to heal on earth, but He heals His children completely forever.

–God will always heal. His way may not be our own, but trusting and having faith that He knows best is an ongoing process.

–God wants us to become a real family of brothers and sisters and a body, all parts equal and depending, when they need to, on each other. God’s word is teaching each in their own way, removing all pride.

–When it is over, it will all make sense.

–God continues to show me His presence and that life can flow freely, from a place of peace and inner joy, even while pain and grieving are a very real presence in my life. I trust Him.

–Our desire to move may be from a lack of connectedness and He can meet us in this.

–Many times God’s plan and purpose for us is the last thing we had in mind. Our calling may be at the most unexpected moment, especially if we have our own plans thought through and organized. We need to practice letting God be the ultimate decision-maker.

–Our attachment to THINGS can be strong. He should be the object of ALL my attachment.

–God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect. When we submit to Him and trust in Him, we allow ourselves to receive the peace He has for our lives.

–Seek first the kingdom of God.

–Jesus did only what the Father told him.

–We all have been given gifts from God that we can share with the Body– spiritual gifts, time, money, resources, knowledge, and experience. Give it!  “Stickers are meant to be stuck!”

–Unless we die, we cannot bear fruit. We must die to our own lives and embrace our new life in Christ – which means conforming to His will.

He is always speaking. Help us to hear!

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