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Podcast Turns 4! – New Episode Available!

It’s hard to believe it, but the Keep it Simple Podcast is celebrating it’s 4th Birthday!  What started out as a reason for Tom and I to regularly connect and discuss issues relevant to house/simple/organic church as turned into a four-year, 100+ episode endeavor!  Along the way, we have been blessed to let many of you in on our thoughts about house church in real time and even encourage others living outside our state to pursue Christ through the simple church.  Tom and I have even managed to not kill each other!  In all seriousness, I’m grateful to Tom and his idea to start this podcast and how it has allowed us to grow as friends and to sharpen one another.

Our 105th episode features a very important discussion about how simple churches can stay together and at the same time multiply by folks “being in two churches at the same time.”  This was an important part of the discussion at our recent simple church conference and the subject of a recent blog post here.  Listen to us discuss at the links below!


1. Online at the Keep it Simple website:

2. iTunes


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