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Skate Church Trip To Barcelona

Right now, a small group of guys from Lexington’s Skate Church and Nicholasville’s Skate Church are in Barcelona Spain, the unofficial skateboarding capital of the world! Read below from Josh Roberts about the trip’s goals and purpose:

A note from Josh Roberts

Hey church family! I’m excited to tell share with you that Jonathan Wilson, Bryce Benifield, Chris Smith, and I will be heading to Barcelona, Spain on 10/20/18. We will be returning 10/27/18. The purpose of the trip started simply as a skateboarding mission to film a video, and potentially do some outreach at a popular public skate spot. However, as we get closer I have felt the Lord calling us to focus more on people and less on skateboarding. We will be doing a daily Bible study/prayer time to seek what the Lord may be asking of us that day, and hope to make the most of every opportunity we are given with the people we encounter. We would love prayer for safety and cool tricks, but the prayer we covet most is for bold hearts inspired by the Spirit to share the life-giving truth to open ears/hearts. We are thankful for our Simple Church brothers and sisters, and look forward to sending you a recap of the trip when we return! – Josh Roberts

The group is also meeting up with professional Shaun Hoover and his wife for dinner during the week and joining them for a Bible study at their home later in the week.  Shaun is a believer who skates for the skateboard company “Untilted.”  Shaun and his family live in Barcelona and serve as skate missionaries there.  The group is also taking with them a few simple church resources to encourage the Hoovers in their ministry there.

The group will spend a lot of time at Macba, one of the worlds most famous public spots to skateboard.  Macba is a public art museum that welcomes skateboarding on its grounds.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for God to break the language barriers they may face, for their safety, divine appointments, boldness, and for the group to grow together.  We will be posting a trip summary in the coming days!  Stay tuned!

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You can read more about skate church on our site HERE.

To learn about and watch their latest skate video, visit 

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