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A Powerful Video On Hospitality

Take a few minutes and listen to the story of how hospitality changed the life of author Rosaria Butterfield!  I happen to stumble upon this video and realized, just before posting it here, that my wife Karla is presently reading a book by Rosaria for her Classical Conversations book club.  Classical Conversations is a homeschool cooperative that we have been a part of for some time and that Rosaria apparently is also a part of.  (Perhaps you are familiar with my rap song about Classical Conversations entitled “Kickin’ It Homeschool?” :).

How does this video speak to you?  What relevance does it have for those involved in simple church?  We’d love to hear from you!  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Lord may we be a people who are willing to open up our homes and lives to those who are different than us so that we can experience your love and power working in and through us!  Jesus you invite us (in John 15) to “make our home in You” and to “live in You!”  May we who call you Lord be hospitable to our neighbors as you have been to us!  Amen

“To me, hospitality is the ground zero of the Christian faith.” – Rosaria Butterfield

You can also read Rosaria’s article over at Q Commons entitled “Why Hospitality is For All Christians” here.

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