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16 Characteristics of Spectators (and Disciple-Makers)

I recently came across this list of attitudes or characteristics of “Spectators” and “Disciple-makers.” I found these lists while reviewing old notes I jotted down during the first days of this website and ministry.   I believe they are from the book (or inspired by the book) “No More Spectators” by Mark Nyswander. It’s worth considering as simple church leaders are also people who desire to be apart of the Great Commission in the ways that Jesus demonstrated while here on earth!


  • Who can disciple me?
  • “Not my job”
  • “Not my gift”
  • Discipleship is separate from normal life
  • Can be very involved (actively passive)
  • Faith is a one-time event
  • Faith is private
  • Can make good encouragers
  • “I support missionaries and others who are making disciples”
  • No time for discipleship
  • Fear driven
  • Entertainment driven
  • Busy / consumed with activity
  • Head knowledge often focus
  • Always getting ready
  • Isolated from others

DISCIPLE MAKERS (Jesus as our example)

  • Love everyone, but focus on a few
  • Ok with repeating same lessons
  • Responsive to needs, not controlled by them
  • Interested in total person
  • Didn’t compromise faith and message
  • Used the ordinary
  • Did only what the father did (Spirit-led)
  • Didn’t demand perfection
  • Turned some away
  • Miraculously met physical needs
  • Sacrificed
  • Made disciple-makers
  • Sent disciples out to do work trusting only on the Spirit
  • Discipled in community
  • Spent time with sinners
  • Mission focused

Jesus may you work in us such that our attitudes and desires mirror your attitudes and desires! 

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  1. I really learned a lot from the article and it could be one of the things I would like to teach in my house church.

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