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A Church of Two…Now More Than Ever!

As folks deal with the quarantine and COVID-19, Christians are discussing how to continue worship services.  What if we consider “church” of a different kind?  What if the Body of Christ recaptured the blessing of a church of two?

Jesus said, “Where two or more gather in My name, I am with them,” (Matthew 28:20).  In my experience, understanding and experiencing the reality of church expressed in the relationship with at least one other believer is a basic building block in the Kingdom.  This type of church leads to life-changing discipleship and fulfillment of the Great Commission!

A church of two is easy, but it’s often overlooked and misunderstood.

What is a church of two?

A church of two, simply put, is a Christ-centered friendship where each person is walking with Jesus, learning to feed on God’s Word, listen to the Holy Spirit directly, and, above all, love as Jesus has loved us (John 13:34-35).  While simple, it can be challenging.  Even with Christian friends, diving below surface-level interaction is vulnerable.  Also, setting aside the time and appropriate space to share sincere thoughts and reflections from our inner life requires intentionality.

What better time than now to begin intentional investment in a church of two?  What better time than now to grow deeper in our faith with a friend or family member?

A church of two is the basic building block of the Church!

A church of two, as a basic building block of the Kingdom, is the Church!  Certainly, you can have a church service or even a house church meeting without disciple-making friendships serving as the foundation.  However, I believe Christ’s Church, His living and breathing Body, cannot function properly without every believer participating in a church of two.

Think of it this way:  A church of two is the most basic connection in the Body of Christ.  It is the connection where the arm joins the shoulder or the foot joins the leg.  A church of two is almost like the ligaments that join the whole body.  When we are relating with a fellow believer and receiving love, communication, and instruction from the Head together, we are experiencing the Body functioning in real-time.

I am often asked about how to start a simple church.  While it is possible to start a simple church gathering with a few phone calls, Kingdom growth and expansion will occur as each believer functions in a church of two.  In fact, God often utilizes a church of two to grow larger relational networks of believers (i.e. simple churches, or churches in a city).  With COVID-19 restricting our “groups,” now is a great time to get back to the basics–a church of two!


I would encourage anyone new to the idea of having a church of two to take a look at the Life Transformation Group (LTG) available on this site.

Discipleship Too: Life Transformation Group

Life Transformation Group Bookmark

Pray about who you can invite to follow Jesus with you.  Don’t be discouraged if the first several people you ask are not interested.  Remember, this is a deep, loving, Christ-centered friendship that you are pursuing not a weekly meeting time to check-off boxes on a spiritual to-do list.  It’s even possible to love in such a way that the LTG happens without the other person formally being invited!

We’d love to hear from you! How have you experienced Jesus in a church of two?


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1 thought on “A Church of Two…Now More Than Ever!”

  1. Love this post! Powerful and provocative…and something today’s churches needs to give to serious thought. This post along with the book recommended in your newsletter, “Finding Church,” reminds me of something The Lord has laid on my heart and I’ve shared for over 20 years…”What if the end-times (which we’ve been in for 2000 yrs) church actually looks more like the first church? Thanks for sharing and make it a great day in The Lord!

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